Current Results (2024)

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Junior Division

Blue CrabVivian Simmons0.90
BluefishFinley Moloney2.00
CroakerAubrey Hilliard0.50
FlounderPorter Moloney1.40
HardtailLeilani Crea0.90
King MackerelJoslyn Johnson4.50
MulletJennifer Douglas0.60
Pig FishAubrey Hilliard0.40
Pin FishAubrey Hilliard0.60
RedfishColt Westmoreland3.90
Sail CatfishColt Westmoreland1.20
SkipjackGrayson Miskell1.60
Snapper - BlackPaul McLeod3.10
Snapper - RedPaul McLeod4.90
Spanish MackerelMyles Denmond1.30
Speckled TroutAutumn Semsick3.20
ToadfishJennifer Douglas0.30
White TroutAutumn Semsick0.50
WhitingGrayson Miskell0.50

Open Division

Barracuda1Keith DuBose10.80
Bluefish1Pamela Provencher1.70
Bluefish2Ethan Thomas1.60
Bonita1Rachel McLeod6.50
Bonita2Abigayle Johnson4.90
Flounder1Josh Moloney2.10
Flounder2Gary Sclease1.60
Grouper1Robbie Kimball Jr.3.90
Grouper2Keith DuBose3.60
King Mackerel1Ansley McLeod17.80
King Mackerel2David Woodley7.00
Mullet1Alexis Fitzmorris0.80
Mullet2Ethan Thomas0.40
Pompano1Jared Thomas2.00
Pompano2Ethan Thomas1.40
Redfish1Randy Westmoreland6.60
Redfish2Gabby Toole4.70
Sail Catfish1Jared Thomas4.20
Sail Catfish2Camile Hulien3.30
Skipjack1Doug Lowell1.70
Skipjack2Jeffery Wheelock1.30
Snapper - Black1Ansley McLeod5.30
Snapper - Black2Rachel McLeod1.70
Snapper - Mingo1William Robbins2.90
Snapper - Mingo2Keith DuBose2.30
Snapper - Red1Robert Kimball Sr.4.20
Snapper - Red2William Robbins4.10
Snapper - White1Keith DuBose2.30
Spanish Mackerel1Dylan Butler2.10
Spanish Mackerel2Doug Lowell1.10
Speckled Trout1Ethan Thomas3.70
Speckled Trout2Jeff Melton2.50
White Trout1Angie Godwin0.80
White Trout2Brandon Semsick0.60
Whiting1Doug Lowell1.40
Whiting2Jared Thomas0.70

Byron Davison Mullet Aggregate

AnglerAgg Weight
Johnny Boyd3.90