2021 Rodeo Hours: Starts at 12:01 AM Friday, and ends at 8:00 PM Saturday. Anglers fishing from boats may not clear the pass (Pensacola/Perdido) until 12:01 AM on Friday.
Fish may be caught on rod and reel on any boat or from ashore.
A boundary line to the EAST and WEST of the Pensacola Sea Buoy will apply. There are no boundaries to the SOUTH. No participating boat shall exceed longitude 88 degrees to the WEST (mouth of Mobile Bay) and no further EAST than longitude 86 degrees 40 minutes. This represents an area approximately 37 NM to the WEST and 32 NM to the EAST. Failure to comply will result in disqualification without refund.
No gill net fishing will be allowed. Cast net fishing will be allowed for mullet only.
Fish must be caught unassisted except for landing. No "Team Fishing." Any angler attempting to weigh-in a fish not caught by that angler will be disqualified.
Entries must be caught during posted Rodeo hours, must be weighed at Grand Lagoon Yacht Club, and recorded by the designated weigh master prior to 8:00 PM, Saturday. Weigh-in times are published elsewhere.
Fish must be kept on ice to prevent spoilage. No frozen, drawn, chemically treated, or spoiled fish will be accepted. The designated weigh master will inspect all entries for compliance. A Tory meter may be used. The Rules Committee will make any final determination of entry eligibility. Rules Committee rulings on fish eligibility are final and not subject to appeal.
Registration fees must be paid by 10:00 PM Thursday to make any fish caught during Rodeo hours eligible for prizes. Mail-in applications must be received by the Rodeo Committee no later than close of business, Wednesday.
The Rodeo will end at 8:00 PM, Saturday. The line for the weigh-in scales will close promptly at 8:00 PM, and no further entries will be accepted. All those physically in the weigh-in line WITH THEIR ENTRIES at 8:00 PM shall be allowed to weigh their entries; late-comers will not be allowed to join the line, nor enter their catches.
All entries must comply with applicable Florida State Laws and Salt Water Regulations - no illegal entries will be accepted. The Rodeo will not be responsible for the possession of illegal species or size by the contestants.
In the event of a tie in any category, the first fish weighed in will be declared the winner.
The largest fish will be determined by weight.
Eligible species of fish and permit requirements subject to change depending upon applicable laws.
All prizes must be collected by winning anglers within thirty (30) days of the award ceremony.



            12 years of age and younger
            Registration at weigh-in (No need to pre-register)
            No cost to register
            Trophies awarded
            Croaker Kayak prize


            13 years of age and older
            Family and Boat registrants eligible
            $100/50 cash prizes or equivalent
Eligibility for Big Four Grand Prize - $1,000  (Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin & King Mackerel) Point System
$100 Byron Davison Mullet Buster Award (Open Div)

Boat Registrants Only

$500 prizes each for Snapper, Grouper, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Dolphin
At the weigh-in, the angler must declare Boat Registrant Division or Open Division.
Fish entered in the Boat category may not be used in Open Division.

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NOTE: All anglers are responsible for knowing of any last minute changes of any kind that are required to be made by the Executive Committee at the Captain's Meeting.